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It is important that you feel confident, beautiful, and comfortable on your wedding day! The first step to finding your perfect wedding dress is to take your measurements and decide which dress style will compliment your body type. There are numerous dress styles to choose from and no body type is fixed to one particular dress style. What’s important is that you love the way you look and feel in your special dress.

Upon your appointment with Shirley DeBoer, your measurements will be taken. These include your bust, waist, hips, shoulder-to-shoulder and more. For more information on appointment details, click here. It’s crucial that your dress fits you perfectly and that the bridal look you’ve dreamed of becomes a reality. 

Every body type is beautiful and Chicely promises to provide an intimate and informative experience to ensure that you’ve considered your options and can narrow down to the right dress for you. 

The purpose of this simple blog is to help you discover which dress style will pair well with your unique body type! Remember, none of these suggestions are set in stone, what’s important is that you love your dress and the way it compliments your beauty. 

Quick Guide to Wedding Dresses for Various Body Types

  • Hourglass
  • Petite
  • Full Bust
  • Small Bust
  • Pear Shape
  • Inverted Triangle
  • Round Shape
  • Athletic


Hourglass Body Type

An hourglass body type consists of a full bust, tiny waist, and curvaceous hips. 

The most popular wedding dress style for hourglass ladies is the mermaid gown. Mermaid gowns are characterized by sweetheart necklines or plunging to short v-necklines, a curve-hugging waistline and a flared out skirt that begins mid-thigh or mid-calf. 

A trumpet wedding gown is similar to a mermaid gown as it hugs the waist yet the skirt flares closer to the hips or upper thigh providing more of a loose fit around the thighs and legs. 

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Petite Body Type

For petite gals out there, you can accentuate your sleek figure with a column gown made of silk and smooth fabrics for a clean and elegant look. Sweetheart, v-necklines or square necklines pair perfectly depending on your bust size (bust size discussed below).

Looking to show off those curves? An A-line gown will enhance your curves as it hugs the waist and provides a slightly blown out skirt starting from the waist or upper thigh to provide an hourglass look. 

A-Line and column gowns provide a lengthening allusion to make you appear curvier and taller! 

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Full Bust 

Do you have fuller breasts and want to display your cleavage in a classic fashion? Sweetheart necklines work well with any dress type and the length of the v-neckline can be customized from short to long based on how much skin you’d like to show. 

The roundness of a sweetheart neckline will frame fuller breasts and provide support with built-in bras or detailed straps. Built-in-bras are recommended for extra support and for those who desire a strapless gown.

Looking to conceal your cleavage and still adorn your décolletage (shoulder and neck)? A bateau neckline provides full coverage for your bust and shows off your shoulders and neck. Similar to bateau is an off-the shoulder neckline to show more shoulder and a little less cleavage.

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Small Bust


Have a smaller bust but you’d like to show some cleavage? A semi-sweetheart neckline will round out your chest and show a small amount of skin for a classy look. 

V-neck, asymmetric shoulder, bateau, square and scoop necklines are all simple and beautiful necklines to accentuate your collar bones, neck and shoulders. 

There are a variety of straps and sleeves that pair well with every neckline. Off the shoulder straps and thin or thick straps will work depending on the look you desire to achieve. 

Adding a backless feature to your gown shows the perfect amount of skin and provides an elongated and classy look.  

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Pear Shape



Pear shaped body types consist of a small to full bust, tiny waist, and curvaceous hips. 

A-line dresses allow for versatile necklines, a hugging fit to your waist and a flared out skirt from trumpet to full ball gown skirt that flatter your waist.

A ball gown skirt will enhance your curvy hips and allow for comfortability for your big day. 

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Inverted Triangle

Inverted Triangle body types consist of a small to fuller bust but a wider shoulder width, a tiny waist and sleek or narrow waist and leg build. 

Ball gowns and A-line gowns will enhance the look of curves as they hug the waist and have skirts to flare out and provide an hourglass look.

Square, bateau or off the shoulder necklines will flatter your broad décolletage (shoulders and neck) and provide a sharp and clean look. 

Based on your bust size you can choose from sweetheart, semi-sweet hear or a v-neckline to compliment your cleavage and collar bones.

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Round Shape


If you have a round body type it may consist of a small or full bust a rounded waist and thick thighs. 

Mermaid gowns and A-line gowns to accentuate your curves will increase the look an hourglass figure.

A built-in-corset is recommended to provide the look of a smaller waist and provide support for fuller bust if you so desire. 

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For those who have muscle, you may have an inverted triangle, round, or hourglass body type. 

A-line and mermaid gowns will hug your waist for a curvy look. Smooth and sleek dresses such as A-line or column dresses can show off your curvy and muscular figure with an added slit in your skirt to show off your toned legs.

Strapless necklines such as sweetheart and bateau will show off your toned shoulders and neckline. Or opt for a an off-the-shoulder neckline for straps across your upper arm to frame your décolletage (shoulders and neck).

A backless feature will show off your back and add an elegant and elongated look to your gown.

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