How long it takes to make a custom wedding dress?

Considering everything a bride has to think of concerning her special day; it’s easy to assume that your wedding dress is as simple as going to the store, picking your best choice, then leaving. Unbeknownst to many, depending on what type of dress you buy, your wait could be up to 6 months. Remember, there are real people behind the scenes sourcing and creating your perfect dress. They are skilled people who are in high-demand. With that said, it’s best to place the order for your dress ASAP. If you are planning on getting married in less then six months, you may need to ask for a rush order (if that is an option for your design). Some fabrics may not work well together, and certain bodices are very difficult to adjust. If a dress is being constructed from a pattern, then it will most certainly need adjusting; patterns tend to be very flat. There will more than likely be a second fitting, for alterations. If so, then you will have to factor in the sending off of the dress again. Consider the wearability of the gown. After the ceremony; there will be moving, dancing, eating, bending, and restroom trips. You may want to consider ordering a second dress, for the reception. Everything must be organized to the best of your ability. There are other hidden factors; the storage of your dress, delivery, and steaming is also needs to be arranged. This should best come into play when fittings are being done. Bridal shops usually have an in-house seamstress, or can at least refer you to one. 

The right timing is detrimental. Priority is key, and since the most anticipated moment will be your entrance, your dress will most certainly have to be finished on time.  

Brides, I hope this helps!