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Discover your unique, one-of-a-kind dress at! Experience a personalized shopping journey with our online boutique, featuring an extensive selection of high-quality choices. Founded in 2019 by Shirley DeBoer in Canada, our custom designs cater to various styles and occasions, including bridal, formal attire. While shopping for her own wedding dress, she faced several challenges—either the styles weren't quite right, the price tags were astronomical, or the waiting times were excruciatingly long. Consequently, she not only decided to design her own wedding dress but also to assist future brides in creating their dream wedding gowns. Shirley's own wedding dress shopping challenges inspired the creation of CHICELY, with a mission to help future brides realize their dream gowns.

At CHICELY, we believe in cherishing, honoring, and loving women. Our clothing aims to empower women, making their dreams in both career and personal lives a reality. We infuse individuality into our designs, reflecting our mission of embracing uniqueness—our name, "CHIC" + "Elegance" = CHICELY, embodies this philosophy. Every woman is unique, and we ensure you find confidence in a dress that truly suits you.

Whether you're a bride-to-be, mother-of-the-groom, or simply seeking the perfect party dress, we're honored to have you with us. Count on CHICELY to be here for you, making your dress selection a delightful experience.

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Shirley DeBoer
Our Founder & Designer


Ms. DeBoer stands as the creative force and proprietor behind the esteemed CHICELY brand. From her early years, Shirley was captivated by the elegant dresses worn by a neighbor, fostering a dream despite financial constraints. Growing up in a less privileged background meant relying on hand-me-downs and sometimes facing food shortages. Her turning point came at the age of 13 when her mother scraped together enough funds to have a dress tailored for her—an occasion that remains etched as one of her happiest memories.

Fueling her ambition to become a fashion designer, Shirley aspired to craft the beautiful dresses she had longed for and impart joy to her clientele. Why wedding gowns? When she was shopping for her own wedding dress, she encountered several challenges—either the styles weren't quite right, the price tags were astronomical, or the waiting times were excruciatingly long. So, she not only decided to design her own wedding dress but also to help future brides create their dream wedding gowns.

In 2019, she materialized this dream by establishing her online brand, Beyond creating exquisite garments for women, Shirley allocates a portion of the proceeds to support underprivileged children and women, aiming to alleviate the hunger struggles she once endured.

Ms. DeBoer's designs celebrate women with a diverse portfolio, including custom wedding and bridesmaid dresses, formal, and casual wear—from prom dresses to wedding gowns and eveningwear. Her philosophy centers on treasuring and loving women, evident in her dedication to creating dresses that elevate and bring joy. Explore her exclusive designs at, and stay updated on the latest collections by subscribing to the newsletter.

Shirley DeBoer founder and designer of Chicely Bridal
Shirley DeBoer founder and designer of Chicely Bridal



It fitted like a glove.

I had this dress custom made to my size by Chicely. I was a little nervous due to the time of my wedding and providing my sizing online but i am so happy I trusted her. Chicely really delivered. The dress is beautiful and it fitted like a glove.


I finally found the one!

After spending time searching, both online and in high end bridal shops, I finally found the one! I was thrilled to receive the package and once I tried it on, I knew my search was over! Shirley was very responsive and I got the sense she cares about quality and customer service. I couldn’t be happier with both the dress and the experience as a whole. Thank you, Chicely!


I absolutely love it! 

I ordered this dress for my wedding coming up in March, and I absolutely love it! It’s beautiful and unique which are the exact qualities I was looking for in my wedding dress. I’ve always been a fan of Art Deco fashion, and the beading on this dress is spectacular. Furthermore, the seller was incredibly helpful and responsive when I asked questions about the dress.



The dress is amazing and the seller very kind. The shipping has been quicker than I thought. Satisfied!


Item is beautiful

Item is beautiful, communication with seller awesome, packaging was to small so item got wet during shipping.


The dress Shirley created for me was exactly the way I had hoped it would be and even better! I am so deeply happy with the result and cannot wait to wear it at my wedding this fall :)

UPDATE: The wedding happened and I cannot tell you how deeply, deeply happy I was with my dress. I felt beautiful, like truly beautiful. I cannot stop looking at the photos from our wedding because of how amazing the dress is! If you are looking for your perfect custom dress, give Shirley from Chicely a shout! So worth it!



Clarisse Tonigussi
Burlington, ON

Shirley is one of the best designers in town. She made my wedding day special and memorable. She made my wedding gown and veil, stunning and elegant. It made my wedding day, perfect. Guests admired and loved it. During the process, Shirley was professional, accommodating, sweet and helpful. I super love her designs. She is passionate on her work which reflects on her gowns and dresses. I 100% highly recommend her. 😍

Arlene Duma
Hamilton, ON

Shirley was absolutely amazing and I could not thank her enough..The service is second to none!
The dress is so beautiful, I am in love with it ❤️ The quality and design is so CHICELY 😍 and the length and fitting is just perfect ❣️ I’ve been searching and purchasing reception dresses but I could not find the right one until I found CHICELY-it’s just what I am looking for I couldn’t be more happier 😊

Toronto, ON

For my wedding I wanted to make every detail unique and special. From catering to the location, my special day came together perfectly. But what made my day extra special was my custom-made wedding dress that was carefully and expertly designed by CHICELY. CHICELY made my childhood dream wedding dress come to life and was exactly what I wanted. My dream gown fit me just right to compliment my figure and had a unique blush pink color that complimented my skin tone. CHICELY made my wedding experience so much better and put a huge smile on my face. I was feeling comfortable, beautiful, cherished and special all day! Thank you CHICELY for making this newly wed feel pretty in pink!

Zedayvia Drizlonoks
Mississauga, ON

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