How To Save Money When Shopping for Your Wedding Dress



Got a budget for your wedding? The Chicely custom wedding dress design process is completely accustomed to your needs. 

Upon your appointment with Shirley, you will be guided by her fashion-designing expertise. You will be provided with price ranges for all dress materials, from fabrics, sequences, appliqués and more. 

Chicely guarantees to provide you with a high quality and affordable wedding dress so that you can feel beautiful and wise, spending money how you see fit. 

Don’t break the bank on a wedding dress that doesn’t fit you perfectly, with added on alteration costs. 

Here at Chicely we offer a 10-day window to allow for any alterations needed to touch up the finished custom designing process. Free of charge!

Designing your wedding dress with Chicely allows you to save money on your dress and save your precious time and energy. A minimum of one appointment is needed to design your dress with Chicely. No need to boutique-hop when you have Chicely to provide a custom online boutique experience from the comfort of your own home. 

Start designing your dream wedding dress with Chicely today.

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