The Best Guide How To Find your Wedding Dress Silhouette


For all the brides-to-be choosing a wedding dress is an event of a lifetime.  Your dress is the princess’s dream finally came true on your wedding day.  When shopping for your wedding dress, it is good to set a budget and a bit of extra time.   

Find Silhouette Best Suits your body type. 
Wedding dresses that look good in magazines or Pinterest, doesn’t mean they are the right ones for you. what silhouettes that best compliment your personality and body type will make the choice easier. There are some specific recommendations I will make for various parts of your body.

Short neck vs long neck. If you have a long neck you are fairly lucky and will have more neckline options to choose from. You can choose a Sabrina (boat or bateau) neckline or wear a ruffled, high collar.  Avoid deep plunging V or deep sweetheart, it can make your neck looks even longer than it is. If you have a shorter neck, do not worry, V-neck,  a dipped or sweetheart neckline will make your neck appear longer.

Shoulders   There are three categories narrow, average, and board.  let start with narrow shoulders, an off-shoulder wedding gown and a tip off-shoulder wedding gown, try to avoid a too-straight gown. Absolutely avoid halters, it can make your shoulders look even smaller. for average shoulders, you are blessed with as many neckline options. For broad shoulders, you should consider wearing an A-line or full skirt to help balance out your top.  If you have a nice not so broad shoulder, a halter neckline will enhance their beauty. on the contrary, if shoulders are too broad and rounded, then a halter neckline isn’t right for you. 

Arms        I have put them into five categories, thin, average, fuller, short, and long.  For thin arms, if you want them to look larger, try to find a long sleeves wedding dress, if a wedding dress you love but there are not sleeves, you can wear a bolero, jacket, shrug, wrap, stole, or a pair of gloves. avoid oversize bracelets it will make your arms looks skinner.  For average arms, you have again blessed with many options. For fuller arms, sheer lace sleeves will cover your arms with style. don’t wear long sleeves made with a heavy solid fabric it adds bulk. For short arms, strapless, sleeveless, and a halter neckline, it can be great for creating the illusion of longer arms. Avoid gloves or a gown with sleeves. For Long arms, try a pair of gloves or a short sleeves gown. if you like to put one a nice bracelet that matches your gown would be perfect too.

Your bust is near your face, it should be taken into consideration when you choose your neckline. Let talk about small bust first, sweetheart and plunging V, halter necklines these are all suitable, you can even consider a padded bra cup or a gown with roughing, embellishments across the bust. you can also try an empire waist to accentuate and define your bust. For a large bust, an A-line, or full skirt to balance out a larger bust,  try a tip off-the-shoulder neckline or neckline with a slight dip that will soften your bustline. What you should avoid is a strapless dress with a neckline that goes straight across make your bust look bigger.  V-necklines can show too much cleavage, you want to save these for your honeymoon.

Every woman wants to have a tiny waist! I have some tips to achieve an appealing waist. Short-waist, long-waist, small, average, and thick. For a short-waist, you can try a gown with a natural waistline. For a long-waist,  a dropped waist gown will be the best fit for you. For a small and average waist, you are lucky! you can wear just about anything, if you like extra bling, you can add a beaded belt or sash to accentuate your waist. For a thick waist, A tip-off-shoulder gown with a full A-line skirt is one of the best options to minimize your waist.  Fabric pleating or ruching on the diagonal can be very good camouflage for the midsection.  You also should consider a gown with a corset or lace-up back, it allows you to pulled tightly and give you nice curves. Finally, you can even add a sash or a beaded belt to accentuate your waist.

Curves are beautiful, balance is the key when you looking for a wedding gown. These are things you shoulder consider if you have full hips, a fit-to-flare gown that flares out at the smallest part of your hip will give you nice curves.  An A-line or ball gown skirt will make you hid your hips beautifully. Tip-off-shoulder neckline or cap sleeves can the shoulder appear wider, therefore balance out your full hips.  Few things to avoid are horizontal seams that seat on the widest part of your hips, and bulky skirts with too much gathering or petticoat.  Mermaid silhouettes are not suitable for you. As for slim hips, you should go for A-line or ball gown with a larger skirt to add fullness. a gown with a horizontal seam, such as beading at the lower hip can create width. you can accessories with a belt or sash, they can make your waist appear fuller.  Avoid sheaths, as it can draw attention to your narrow hips.

Now you are ready to find your wedding dress! A-line
This is a universally flattering favorite. Complementing all body types, it remains fitted until the waist from where it flares out into a soft A-shape, hence the name.

This silhouette contours the body from the chest to the knee and is flared thereon. The style is known to emphasize the waist and hips rather than narrowing it, especially if you’re apple-shaped.

The trumpet is a more toned-down version of the mermaid—straight bodice to the hips and the flare starting mid-thigh—but it is crowd-pleasing nonetheless, considered a particularly good match for an extravagant celebration. “A trumpet silhouette is ideal for slender frames and hourglass body types.

Ball Gown
If you want to glide into your happily ever after like a princess, this fairy tale-ready gown is for you. Volume? Check. Drama? Check. Classic? Yes, of course!

Minimal, sophisticated, and impossibly chic, the slip dress makes a case for a ‘less is more’ bridal repertoire. The slip dress’s simplicity is its real virtue, as is its fits-like-a-glove tendency.

A sheath gown boasts a snug fit and contours the body from head-to-toe.  It gives a petite bride an elongated look which helps her appear taller.

Are column and sheath silhouettes interchangeable? They are similar but definitely not identical. The key difference is that the latter is lighter and more seamless.

If you’re searching for a style that has a ‘something old, something new’ quality to it, then this ankle-grazing silhouette is for you. The tea length wedding dress is the perfect middle ground—a marriage of fashion-forward and traditional sensibilities.