How Much Does A Custom Wedding Dress Cost?

There are many priorities when you become a new bride; such as time sensitive details that can’t be missed. There are people to communicate with, and plans that need to be made. Not a single one of these priorities can be tended to without some sort of budget. Whether it is time, or money; a bride must be conscious of the costs of everything. When it comes to a wedding dress, this is very true. Your perfect dress awaits, but what are some key factors in making and maintaining a budget for your wedding gown?

The national average price brides spend on their wedding dress is $1,631.00 (including Alterations). Based on certain factors, the average price of a wedding dress can range from $500 to $4,000. If a wedding dress is added into your wedding budget, then it would constitute 10% of the overall sum. Whatever guidelines you decided to go by, please stick to it. It is heartbreaking to find a dress you love, only to find that it’s not within your budget. When shopping for a dress, plan in advance  by contacting the store and telling them what type of dress you like and your budget. If you find a dress, but it is a bit over budget, then ask if you can purchase the sample. Keep in mind though, that the sample dresses are there specifically for fittings. When a person decides on what dress they like, then they order a custom one; according to their size. Samples are subject to damaged fabric, and even stains. If samples are not an option, then ask the bridal shop owner if they offer payment plans.

A bridal gown is truly special. Understand that no matter what your budget, there is a dress that you’ll love.